Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wrong Roads

 Elder Holland tells a story about when he was with his son and they came to an unrecognizable fork in the road. He told his son to pray and decide which road to take. After their prayer, they both felt like they should go to the right side of the road. After about 500 yards it was a dead end. They then turned around and went back and took what they now knew to be the correct road. His son asked why God would take them down the wrong path and Elder Holland replied, "I think that the Lord, his wish for us and his answer to our prayer was to get us on the right road as quickly as possible with some understanding that we were on the right road and we didn't have to worry about it, and in this case it was easiest to let us go 500 yards in the wrong direction and very quickly know without a doubt that is was the wrong road and with equal certainty and equal conviction that the other one was the right road." Sometimes in life, we aren't given the answers to our prayers that we would like. Sometimes in life, God has a different plan for us than we have for ourselves. But in the end, it is always for our benefit. It is completely possible that sometimes God takes you down the wrong road for just a little while so that we are then completely sure that we are on the right road for our lives. We just have to trust in God and not give up, we have to keep going even when things aren't going right. If we follow God's plan and trust in Him, eventually we will end up back into his arms. He will bring us in and tell us how much He loves us. I know that God loves us endlessly. It doesn't matter what you've done or where you've been in life or how far down on the wrong road you've gotten, with God we can all return to the right road. He loves us unconditionally if you come unto Him with love and repentance, He will never turn you away. I have seen this in my life very much recently. Heavenly Father took me down the wrong road in life so that I know when I am on the right road. I experienced the wrong person so that when I meet the right person, I will know for sure that it is right. And even though I am experiencing the most agonizing pain I have ever experienced in my life, I know in the end it'll be for my benefit because God doesn't bring you too it if He doesn't plan on bringing you through it. I can only imagine what blessings lie ahead. What a blessing it is to know that even if you feel as if you are on the wrong road, that there is light and comfort ahead! There are far greater things ahead than you are leaving behind if you put your trust in God and His plan! I am so thankful for my Father in Heaven and his plan for me and I know that it brings pure joy and happiness. Through my trials, I am learning to be thankful for the wrong roads that Christ sends me down. I know that Heavenly Father's love is everlasting and I am so thankful for Him in my life.
{ Mormon Message- Elder Holland: Wrong Roads }

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