Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why I Want To Serve

There are three reasons why I want to serve a mission. They're quite simple actually (and yes these are in order of importance to me):
1. For God. I want to serve Him and my Savior because of everything they have done for me. This 18 month sacrifice is so small compared to the countless sacrifices they have made for me. I want to devote everything to Him because He gave everything for me. It is because of Him that I have this amazing gospel in my life and have the opportunity to attend such an amazing university. It is because of Him that I have such an incredible family and amazing friends. Everything in my life is because of Him. And so, I have a full heart and a true desire to serve Him. 
2. For other people. I want others to know of this true church and the pure happiness it brings into my life. Everyone deserves to feel this joy and know the teachings and blessings of the gospel. I truly want to spread the gospel to everyone who is ready to hear this amazing message. This gospel and my Savior saved me. And I want to let other people know that there is hope. Ahhhh I have so many things I want to say but I can't get them out. I just want every single person to know about the gospel and the happiness that is out there so badly! And I want to do whatever I can to help share it. EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING NEEDS THIS GOSPEL. And I intend on sharing it with everyone I come into contact with. 
3. For me. Yes, I will admit I am going on a mission for selfish reasons too. I know that by serving a mission, I will be more prepared to be a great mom and a great wife. I know that my testimony will be strengthened so much while I'm on my mission and I want that so badly! I want to give my whole self to the Lord and engage in His service. I want to be able to say, Ya! I was and am a member of the Lords army! When I stand in front of my Savior and Lord in the last days I want to be able to say that I am fully converted to this gospel and I also did everything I could do to fully convert others and show them the truth. Also, this is the first big life decision I made on my own. I told no one that I was even thinking about it. I just did it. I'm going on a mission for me and not for any one else. No one forced me into this. This is for ME. 

Am I scared? Oh Ya. 
Am I nervous? You betcha. 
Do I feel unprepared? Sure do. 
Am I excited? More than I ever have been in my entire life. 

My dad once told me that all that matters is that pure desire to serve and if you rely on God he will take care of the rest. I cannot wait to start preparing and go on a mission. I know the road to my mission won't be short or easy, but it will be so so worth it. 

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