Monday, January 12, 2015

Even When You're Broken

2 summers ago I went to my last year at EFY and I heard a song that I have never forgotten. The song is called "Even When You're Broken".

"Even when you're broken, He's going to love you. So pour out what you're feeling inside. You can tell him anything, whatever you've done. Cause even when you're broken, you are loved."

Just these few lines from this song are so incredibly powerful. In life, we are all going to make mistakes and go through hardships. At some point we are all going to have those times where we feel broken. Now, that doesn't mean that you are broken because you've sinned, although it applies to that as well. Broken means that you feel as if you are unfixable, lost, unloved, and can no longer go on. When we feel broken, we usually tend to feel ashamed and we feel as if God has left us. We feel as if we are undeserving of God's love, or of anyone's love for that matter. This however could not be farther from the truth. God loves us no matter what we have done and no matter what we have been through. He will help us and carry us through our toughest storms. He will never leave us comfortless. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want to help us, they want to be here for us. But we have to put in the work. We have to get on our knees and pray to them and ask for guidance and comfort. I promise you, that if you do that they will answer you. If you pray with a full heart and real intent, our Father in Heaven will wrap his arms around you, no matter how broken you think you are. You are never too far gone to come back to Christ. The amazing thing about Him is that He never turns his back on us. No matter how many times we sin or deny Him, He is always there for us. But we have to choose. I had a choice to make 2 weeks ago, I could choose to stay broken and alone or I could choose to rely on Christ and let Him carry me. And to be honest, I did a little bit of both. I started out by just letting myself feel broken and alone, which isn't the worst thing because it made me realize that there was NO way I was going to be able to do this alone. So, I turned my broken heart over to the Lord and asked him to heal it. Ever since then, this song has been running through my head. Even when I am broken, I am loved. I can tell Him anything and He will listen and counsel with me and he will not judge me. That is an incredible feeling. During the course of this trial, I hit what I believed to be my rock bottom. I had lost 10 pounds, I wasn't sleeping, I had no friends around me, I had lost the love of my life, and I didn't know how to go on. That was when I realized that rock bottom was the perfect place to start rebuilding. I realized that maybe the Lord broke me so that I could take the pieces and build a better me. So, that is what I am doing. I am slowly taking the broken pieces of myself and turning them into someone that my Father in Heaven would be proud of. I am turning myself into someone who is deserving and worthy of an amazing priesthood holder and son of God. I am turning into a better me, and I couldn't do it without Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And you know what, I couldn't have done it without first being broken. So next time you feel broken, unloved, or completely alone, remember that sometimes our hardest trials are where we find our true self and that God will NEVER leave you alone.
{ Song: Even When You're Broken }

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