Friday, May 13, 2016

Attending the Temple

What a day it was. This morning as my husband, my mother, and I planned to attend the temple, we were astonished by the events that followed that day. To start off the day, I woke up extremely sick and received a priesthood blessing from my amazing husband (so thankful for him). As we continued to go throughout the day, my husband realized that he had left his temple recommend in Cedar City. After a moment of panic, we prayed, and found a way for him to still attend. We packed up the car and were ready to go. Half way to the temple, we realized my husband had also forgotten his temple clothing and the Draper temple did not rent clothing. Panic stricken again, we called the Draper temple and pleaded with them for a solution. After finding one, we again continued to drive to our destination. When we came into the temple, my mother realized she had forgotten her wallet which held her temple recommend! We said a prayer and she found her recommend in her purse (seriously the power of prayer guys wow). Finally, after a long day, we were able to attend the temple, be spiritually fed, and receive the blessings that come from temple attendance. And it was so worth the things we had to overcome to get there. 

As I now look back on the day, I realized that there were so many times that the 3 of us could have decided that "it wasn't worth it" or just not go; but we did not choose that. We chose to push through and get to the temple. I look back on today and realize that Satan does NOT want us in the temple and will do whatever it takes to keep us away. We must remember how important the temple is in our lives. I LOVE the temple and LOVE the closeness I feel to my Savior inside. Satan does not want us to feel that closeness so he puts trials in our way to try and discourage us. DO NOT LET HIM. With the power of Christ on our side, we can destroy Satan! Satan and the adversary will always be there, but so will Christ. Lean on Him and He will help you overcome anything. 

I promise you that if you do whatever it takes to regularly attend the temple, your life will be so incredibly blessed. You will have a sense of joy and happiness that only comes from within the walls of His holy houses. You will have a new found love for your family and friends around you. And you will especially have a new found love for your Savior. The temple is truly the most amazing place on earth and I wouldn't trade my experiences in the temple for anything. Let the temple be your goal and always strive to reach it.  I love the temple. I love my Savior. I love this church and I know it's true.