Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Be An Example of the Believers

"Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." -1 Timothy 4:12

Being an example is not always an easy thing to do; however, we never know who is watching. People have told me my entire life that I am a leader and an example, but I never thought about how that effected others until after I graduated from high school. After graduating, I found myself at a crossroads. I could either choose to be a worthy and true member of the LDS church, or I could fall away. It was a decision that no one could make for me and one that was completely my own. As I began thinking about this decision, I reflected back on my life in the church; and as I did this, I thought back to all the people that I looked up to. The Beehives when I was in primary, the Laurels when I was a Miamaid, I always looked up to the older girls. That was when I realized that I had become that older girl. The girl that I had once looked up too, which meant that I had people who were probably looking up to me. And that's when my mind started racing. What had I been doing with my life? What had these girls seen from me? Had the younger girls seen an example of the believers, or was I being a bad example? And that was when I decided that not only was the church the most important thing in this life, being an example is one of the most important things I can do. We must be an example at all times in because we never know who is watching. As members of the church, we carry the churches name with us where ever we go. If people know you're a Mormon, you're actions don't just reflect you, they reflect the church as a whole. You never know what might effect those around you. So, why not just strive to be uplifting and Christ like in all that we do? In word, in conversation, in charity, in faith, in spirit, in purity. If we can do this, others will be able to see our example and they will be inclined to come unto Christ.

Christ was the ultimate example. He came to this earth and was tempted just like we are, and remained perfect. He didn't have to, he could've given in, he could've backed down, but he didn't because he loved us enough to be strong and to be an example. He showed us how we should live by the way he lived his life. "Behold I am the light; I have set and example for you." (3 Nephi 18:16) The best way to live as Christ lived is to strengthen the Christ like attributes that you have within yourself. These attributes that we can have can allow others to see the beauty of the gospel through your righteous example. President Gordon B. Hinckley said it best when he said, "The most persuasive gospel tact is the exemplary life of a faithful Latter-day Saint." This is so true. People don't join this church because of what they know, people join the church because of what they feel. They feel the happiness and peace the gospel brings, they feel the love of our Savior, they feel the spirit and that's why they join. If we live exemplary and faithful lives, people will get that feeling from being around us. How amazing is it that we have to power to live in such a way that people will feel the spirit just by being around us? I think that is such an amazing opportunity and blessing. We must go  forth into the world and be examples, even if it's not the easy thing to do. We must show the world the light of Christ and bring the world his truth. And we can do this by being an example and living the way Christ lived. We can change the lives of others, just by choosing to live righteous lives of our own. 

I never want to feel the way I felt after graduation again, wondering if I had impacted someone's life for better or for worse. I want to live my life in a way that I know that if someone is watching the way I live, they see the goodness and glory of this gospel and are impacted for the better. I want to live my life in such a way that when I face God on judgment day, I can say that I did everything I could to spread his amazing word. I want to face him with a smile on my face because I will be able to say that even in the hardest of times, I remained an example of the believers. That is my ultimate goal, and I pray that we can all make that a goal.

"There is no more power missionary message we can send to this world than an example of a loving and happy Latter-day Saint life. The manner and bearing, the smile and kindness of a faithful member of the church brings a warmth and outreach that no missionary tract or videotape can convey." -Elder Holland

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