Friday, June 5, 2015

The Temple

Throughout my life, I have always taken the temple for granted. When I first turned 12 years old, I was so excited to enter into the temple doors for the first time and when I did, I came out so incredibly happy. But then, for reasons I still don't know, I stopped going to the temple. I think, before this last year, I went to the temple maybe 5 times in my life. So what changed? What changed that 12 year old girl who couldn't wait to get inside of the temple- the world. Throughout the course of my jr high and high school life, I let the ways of the world and distractions in it become the most important things. It wasn't until I graduated that I realized that none of that really mattered in the long run. It didn't matter what I wore to the first day of school, it didn't matter what music I listened to, or what movies I watched, no one remembered those days that I didn't wear make up or do my hair, the sports I played ended, and my friends drifted away...and yet, those are the things that I let consume my life and keep me from going to the temple.

I am now at the point in my life where I am figuring out what really matters most. I have learned that being worthy to enter the temple shouldn't be taken as lightly as I have taken it in the past. Being worthy to enter the temple is a very high and sacred honor. It requires you to constantly be living your life in a way that resembles the Savior and his teachings. It requires sacrifice and continual effort and progress to be and stay worthy. There is nothing in this world that brings more happiness and peace to my life than going to the temple. The temple is the only place on this earth where nothing from the world can enter into. It is pure and clean and free from all earthly worries, cares, and distractions. Inside, you are able to feel peace, love, happiness, comfort, guidance, and so much more. 

So what is the most important thing? Attending the temple. The work done inside not only benefits you and your life, but blesses the lives of those who have passed on, those who are waiting for their work to be done. The things and joys of the world will fade and disappear, but the joy the temple brings is eternal. I beg you to not let the world keep you from the temple. Don't let popularity or conformity fog your vision on what is truly important. Do whatever it takes to get to the temple, it is more than worth it. I promise you if you will regularly attend the temple, your life will be blessed more than you could ever imagine. I have never felt more peace, love, strength, and security than I feel when I am inside of the temple. So learn from my mistake, learn what I have learned- the temple is the most sacred and amazing place on earth, do not take it for granted. 

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