Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

In a culture where the role of a woman and a mother is skewed, we must remember how essential being a mother is in Gods plan for His children. The role of a mother is written time and time again in the scriptures, the family proclamation, and by prophets of old and new. Heavenly Father has made motherhood a divine calling here on this earth and it is our job as women to step up and take that calling upon ourselves. There is no calling more essential or more eternal than that of being a mother. The closest we can get to the love that our Heavenly Father has for us is the love of our mothers. The love a mother has for her children is comparable to nothing else here on the earth. It is so incredibly pure. I believe that there is nothing more powerful than a home filled with a worthy priesthood holder and a righteous, loving mother. And the prayers of a righteous mother are the most powerful types of prayers. The family proclamation specifies many times that marriage is to be between a man and a woman, this is so that you can have the priesthood power and divine role of a mother in the home and this is such a huge part of the Fathers plan for us. Motherhood is so special and so sacred and the divinity of it goes back to Mary, the mother of Christ. Heavenly Father picked the most pure and righteous of his daughters to bear His only begotten son. This son would not only inherit traits from his Father in Heaven, but from Mary. This made it so Mary had to live her life in a way that the Savior of the world could resemble. Throughout Jesus' life, Mary never left His side, she even stood at the bottom of the cross and watched her son get crucified. She was an amazing example of the type of mother we should all try to be one day. We must try to remember how heavenly mothers are and how each of us women were put on this earth to be mothers! It is so essential. Heavenly Father gave us time here on earth to be righteous and raise righteous children. Motherhood isn't easy, and it isn't suppose to be, but it is equal to that of the work of Heavenly Fathers Angels. There is a reason our Heavenly Mother isn't mentioned in scripture or talked about and it is because she is too special, too holy, too pure, too perfect. And that is how every righteous mother is seen in Gods eyes. I'm so thankful for my mother and all the other mothers out there who have stepped up and taken on this eternal and divine role of motherhood. I hope to one day follow the example of the righteous women around me and become a mother. Happy Mother's Day to every divine mother out there, but especially to my own. 

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