Monday, April 13, 2015

His Hands

There are times in life when Satan has us feeling worthless. There are times when Satan has us feeling like we have nothing left, like we are at the end of our rope. I know I have felt the overwhelming sorrow and loneliness that comes from letting Satan have a grasp on me. Satan is very good at what he does. He's a master manipulator and he knows exactly what you're weaknesses are. Satan is powerful. There is no doubt about that. But the effect and influence he has in your life is all up to you. If you are living righteously and keeping the commandments, Satan will have NO power over you. The power that Satan has over us, is the power we give him. Now, I'm not saying that it's an easy thing to just keep Satan out of your life, because it is not easy. It's actually extremely difficult because when you begin living a life that resembles Christ, Satan will start working extra hard on you. But do not let him get you, don't even let him come close because he will overpower you if you let him. However, if you do let him in, if you do give him power, there is still hope. Satan can make you feel like you've gone too far. Like you've sinned too greatly. Like you've messed up too much. Like you're unworthy of the Saviors love. But they are all LIES. I promise you, that there is no sin or sorrow too great that the Savior's atonement does not cover. There is no place you can go where to Savior's love will not reach you. There is no path you can take that will make you unworthy of His love. No matter how far you stray, no matter how much you sin, no matter how far from Christ you find yourself, you can always turn back. He is always there, with his hands outstretched, waiting. In 2 Nephi 19, the Savior repeats the phrase "but his hand is stretched out still" multiple times. And when the Savior repeats something, that means it is extremely important. The phrase "but his hand is stretched out still" was always following an act of rebellion against God. Something that if you did, would make you feel unworthy of His love. But the Savior emphasizes the fact that His hand is stretched out still. He is still there and always will be NO MATTER WHAT. You are not the exception to this fact. Just because you have sinned over and over and over again doesn't mean that you're sins have surpassed the length of the atonement because that is impossible. I promise you, that if you will come unto Christ and turn to Him that he will carry you, guide you, comfort you, and protect you from the bond of Satan. I promise that if you will keep the commandments and strive to live a life that resembles the on that our Savior lived, He will make sure that Satan has no power over you. Satan may be powerful, but he is nothing compared to the almighty power of our God. His hands will crush Satan every time. His hands are eternal and hold more love than we could ever imagine. His hands have lifted me up and saved me, and they can do the same for you.  


  1. Jenna, thanks for being such a good influence!

  2. Jenna, thanks for being such a good influence!